Thursday, November 6, 2008


One of my favorite holidays is Christmas! Sometimes it seems to come around so fast I don't have time to reflect on the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

About 10 years ago, I started to collect nativity scenes. I love them and I buy (or make) myself a new one each year. Since I've discovered vinyl, I've started to enjoy nativity scenes on vinyl!

You can put them on tiles, glass blocks, frames, or a piece of metal. What a fun Christmas gift idea.

Scroll down to look at all of the nativity choices I have; further down you can see some things I've done with them. Use your imagination, you'll come up with something GREAT! You can delete or change ANY wording on ANY nativity, also, you can add a border, or take one out; just let me know what you'd like. Prices will be the same. To look at the fonts I have, go to and click on the "fonts and colors" tab, then look in the different categories to make your choice.

Now until December 5th, all 'vinyl only' nativity scenes are 20% off! Just e-mail me what scene you'd like, what size, what color and I'll get them to you ASAP. Some graphics can't be done in every size because the graphic is too detailed and it just makes a mess, so each one states the sizes available. (Custom sizes are available, just e-mail me what you need and I'll let you know if I can do it and what price it will be.)

Regular prices for graphics in vinyl only are as follows:
2 x 2" $1.00
4 x 4" $2.00
6 x 6" $3.00
8 x 8" $4.50
10 x 10" $7.00
12 x 12" $10.00
Graphics might not be exactly square (as indicated above), but one of the sides will be that measurement, and the other side will be smaller, depending on the graphic.
Shipping is free on 'vinyl only' orders over $25.00!

Nativity 1 is available in all sizes.

Nativity 2 This is the hardest nativity I have, but it is also a customer favorite. It can be done 6" or larger.

Nativity 3 can be done 4" or larger.

Nativity 4 can be done 4" and larger

Nativity 5 can be made 4" and larger.

Nativity 6 can be made 4" and larger

Nativity 7 is a great one for small items, it can be done in any size.

Nativity 8 can be done 6" or larger.

Nativity 9 is another great one for small items. It can be done in any size.

Nativity 10 can be done 4" and larger.

Nativity 11 can be done 4" or larger.

Nativity 12 can be done 6" and larger.

This is a favorite way to show nativities--on a glass block. They are available at Lowe's (and probably other places). They come in 8" square and one that is 4 x 8".
If you're putting a nativity on a block, please let me know when ordering. There is a ledge around the block and I make the vinyl small enough to fit INSIDE it.
If you're doing this for Super Saturday or other group activity, I suggest you buy the blocks early. As Christmas approaches, it seems they all disappear from the stores!

This cute little ornament is a 2 x 2" tile with Nativity 7 on it. They would make a great neighbor gift at Christmas time.

We made these frames at a Craft Night Activity at our church. We just bought frames, took out the cardboard, etc. from the back and put Nativity 3 on the glass. Then we reinserted the glass and glued it down from the back and glued on a ribbon to hang it from. Easy, inexpensive and makes a great gift!

This photo of Nativity 11 tile is a great example of how I can add or change or leave off altogether the words that are on some nativity examples. Just let me know the total dimensions of the finished product (tile, wood, metal, frame, glass block, etc.) and what lettering you'd like with what saying.

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