Monday, November 10, 2008

Super Saturday

Super Saturday can be a great time to get together with friends to enjoy some crafts. For those who have never heard of 'Super Saturday', it is a term many people use to describe a 'get-together-and-do-crafts' party. Most of the time it is with people with something in common, whether they go to the same church, their kids go to the same school, or they all work at the same place.

“Super Saturday” and Group craft projects:
Express Yourself! can help your craft group have a successful and fun time. Pick 1-5 items that you would like your group to do. After you make your choices, that is the choice for the whole group. If you want your members to pick different colors, that is fine with me, just let me know how many of each color is needed.

Names are the only customizing that will be done (besides colors) for group projects, but please note that they will all be the same size. Example: “Nay” and “Bartholomew” will both be 4” x 24” (or whatever size you’ve chosen) and therefore, “Bartholomew” will be more squished -- as shown here:
The best way to have success is to:
1. Decide on an item (we've got some items below or you can look at our idea gallery at for brainstorming ideas).
2. Purchase materials needed.
3. Cut, sand, rout, and THEN measure the AREA the VINYL will GO IN.
4. Decide the saying, and font you want and let me know AREA, SAYING, FONT, and COLOR (I can make a different color for your group members if you want to offer different colors, but I need to know what color you want the sample done in.)
5. Then, after ordering the vinyl, finish your project.
6. Total all of your costs (don’t forget shipping and handling, paint, sand paper, paintbrushes, varnish, cleaner, paper towels--—count everything!)
7. Display finished item along with a sign up sheet.
8. Gather money, total orders and let me know how many you need at least 2 weeks in advance of activity. I’ll need the order in writing, either e-mailed, hand delivered, or regular mail. This way, names are spelled right, sizes are written down, etc.

Before your activity make sure you:
1. Go over the order to make sure I didn’t miss anything.
2. Take your sign up sheet with you. This helps you remember who ordered what and can help you in passing out supplies.
3. Take paint, glue, sandpaper, varnish, cleaner, paper towels, paper plates (to put paint on) paintbrushes, hair dryer, etc. Anything that you used when making your display items.
4. You will also want an old credit card, Popsicle stick, or spatula (to rub on vinyl), ruler (to measure), pencil (to lightly mark where you want vinyl), painters tape (to gently tape down vinyl) and x-acto knife (to pick up, move, adjust any vinyl that isn’t quite right).

Help your group members apply the vinyl with these instructions:
Make sure your surface is clean. Make sure wood and varnish are dry before putting on vinyl. Glass, ceramic and unpainted metal should be wiped clean with rubbing alcohol. Place vinyl (along with backing and the tape that is on top) on your surface. Lightly mark where you want it placed. Make sure it is LEVEL (we promise, if it isn't you'll notice later!). Don’t assume that the backing and tape are straight, make sure the VINYL is straight. You might want to tape down the top with painters tape, to hold it in place. Gently take backing material off. (If vinyl is too long to handle at once, after you’ve taped it down, you can cut between letters of vinyl and only remove backing for a small section—--this makes getting vinyl on straight much easier.) Make sure all vinyl is sticking to transfer tape covering it. If it doesn't stick, rub thoroughly. After all the backing is removed, rub, using a credit card, Popsicle stick (or if you have one, Pampered Chef's Handy Scraper is a great tool for this.) Rub on each portion and gently pull off transfer tape. Make sure all vinyl is now sticking to your desired surface. On some surfaces you can reposition the vinyl, but GLASS and some CERAMIC and some METAL, you cannot-- it is stuck when it is down!

Sometimes we goof up and we spell a word wrong, or a letter is missing from the order. If this happens let us know and we will rush you a replacement, free of charge, plus a 20% discount on a future order. If you or your group member is the one who ordered wrong, we will replace the item, but they’ll have to pay for it and there will be no future discount. The order form will determine who is at fault.

Please understand that your order total includes a 20% discount because it is for a group, school or church. If any members of your group want to order different items, they are welcome to do so. Those extra orders won’t be done at the same time as those for your activity, and they don’t get the discount either.

Here is a fun tile, using the '9 Be's' the Gordon B. Hinckley said we should all try to live by. "Be" is in the middle, with the other words around it in a circle.

A great idea for the fall. "Give Thanks" is put on two 2 x 2 boards that have been painted and stained.

This is a very popular item to make for Super Saturday! The last name is ordered for the back and then 'families are forever' is put on the front. If you want to be creative, we can use another saying on top. Our web site has plenty of 'quotes' for you to use!

This board makes a great decoration when you have a tall, skinny space. This is another example of Gordon B. Hinckley's 9 be's.

This frame has the back cardboard and other stuff taken out. Then the vinyl is layered right on the glass. The background is a graphic of the Manti Temple and the overlay has "Families Are Forever".

This graphic is definitely a Super Saturday favorite! It can be done smaller, to fit on a glass block, (just nothing smaller than 6 x 6). I just love the detail!

Remember, ALL 'vinyl only' orders that total more than $25.00 receive free shipping!

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