Friday, November 6, 2009

It's Beginning to Feel a Little Like Christmas

It is the season to start getting ready for Christmas. If you like one of my nativities and would like some to put on a glass block, wood, or tile, let me know. I'm having a 20% off sale from now until December 3rd.

Please order all Christmas vinyl by December 5th. This gives me enough time to enjoy Christmas with my family (and CLEAN my house!)

Prices for graphics are as follows:
1" .25
2" .50
3" .75
4" 1.00
5" 1.50
6" 2.00
7" 2.50
8" 3.00
9" 4.00
10" 5.00
11" 6.00
12" 7.00
13" 8.00

Price is determined on the longest side if item is not square. Other sizes available. Larger sizes will have one or more seams in them. I can adjust wording, fonts and if there is a square around it for free. Other adjustments may have a small fee. Some graphics not available in small sizes. Please e-mail with any requests or questions!

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