Friday, June 24, 2011

"Choose you this day" Vinyl

I know the very {sweetest} person in the WHOLE world (I'm NOT exaggerating!) and she asked me to put some vinyl above her bed.  She has two pictures of Jesus on either side & wanted to 'tie them together' somehow.

I'm always up for a challenge {besides, how do you say 'no' to the SWEETEST lady in the WHOLE world?} so over I went to see what she had in mind.

At first, she thought she wanted 'something nice and simple' like this:

then, I showed her a few possibilities & she loved this one:
After a few tweeks, we applied it to her wall . . . then, that night she called me!  Her husband wanted a 'little something' added, so we talked and arranged and talked and we finally came up with this:

Do you see how well the floral design matches her bedspread?  It look like they were made for each other.  Well, actually the vinyl WAS made to match the bedspread.

It was such FUN to design and apply and play with!  I LOVE helping people get just what they want . . .

If you would like to buy something for your bedroom, just e-mail me:  lorene(at)
OR, go to my ETSY SHOP to buy one like this!

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