Valentine Chapstick Labels

Every year it happens.  Kids come home with a list of the names of their classmates and need Valentine's for each of them.  Sure, you can buy the Valentine and add a piece of candy (or 3) but I always like alternatives.  Especially since kids are getting dozens of these and who, really needs all that sugar?

I was thinking of this predicament that so many mothers have and realized I could make another Chapstick Label!  Of course, I had to make more than one design . . . it is my nature to try to please everyone.

I made a  L O V E label in two different color options (my girls had a split vote when I asked them which they liked better, so what could I do?)

This Diamond Plate design is perfect for guys of all ages.  It is masculine and not embarrassing for a guy to pull out of their pocket!

I love Conversation Hearts and have to buy several bags every year {I KNOW I don't need all that sugar!} so I thought this was a perfect background for a chapstick.

Every time I offer downloads of Chapstick Labels, I get many, MANY questions, so I thought I would answer some of these now.

1.  I use CHAPSTICK brand lip balm.  Other brands quite often are not the same size, so these labels might not work.  I like to put a small letter on the bottom of the Chapstick so I know the 'flavor' I am using.  Pull off the label.

2.   I print the label on REGULAR copy paper on 'normal' setting .  I trim the label to the line around it.

3.  Use clear PACKING TAPE to 'laminate' the labels.  Cut off a piece, and place sticky side up on the work surface.  Then, place the cut label face down on top of the tape.  On the edges that are going on the cap and adjuster wheel of your chapstick, cut ALL the way to the paper.  The other two edges, leave about 1/4 inch beyond the paper label on both ends.  Then, start wrapping the chapstick with the tape, wrap ALL around it and overlap the label with the extra tape.  This gives it a shiny, durable label.

4.  You can go to my ETSY shop to purchase labels or Done-For-You ChapStick!

If you have more questions that I didn't answer, don't hesitate to contact me ~

Remember . . .


clara said…
I am not sure why I don't see any comments on your post for this activity. I would think a TON of people would be saying THANKS for sharing such a great idea and free download! so THANKs! for the adorable and free download you are sharing! :)
Anonymous said…
I ♥ these! Thank You!!
Anonymous said…
thank you so much for the downloads! I hope to try this soon.
kb said…
These are awesome, would love to download the pink one. When I click the link it takes me to the acrobat website?
Lorene said…
kb--I am SO sorry (and anyone else trying to download them!) Just send me an e-mail with what you'd like & I'll respond as quick as I can. My e-mail is lorene(at)yourvinylgraphics(dot)com Thanks :)

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