Monday, March 5, 2012

Forget-Me-Not Chapsticks

I am not the only person out there who LOVED President Uchtdorf's talk in the General Relief Society Meeting in September, 2011 --  go here to read his FANTASTIC talk.  He taught reminded the women of 5 important things they should "forget not".

I have thought and thought about this and I KNOW that one of Satan's biggest tools {especially to the WOMEN of the world} is to discourage them and make them think they're not "enough" somehow.  His talk hit home with me that I need to:

1.  Forget Not to be patient with yourself
2.  Forget Not the difference between a good sacrifice and a foolish sacrifice
3.  Forget Not to be happy now
4.  Forget Not the "Why" of the Gospel
5.  Forget Not that the Lord loves you

So . . . I thought we women needed a great reminder daily & if it can be on something USEFUL, all the better.  I created this design for a chapstick label for you to put on your own chapsticks. Click here to download the file.

Every time I offer free downloads of Chapstick Labels, I get many, MANY questions, so I thought I would answer some of these now.

1.  I use CHAPSTICK brand lip balm.  Other brands quite often are not the same size, so these labels might not work.  I like to put a small letter on the bottom of the Chapstick so I know the 'flavor' I am using.  Pull off the label.

2.  To print the label, click on the lincks I have.  The label design will come up with a tab for you to click that says "download".  I print the label on REGULAR copy paper on 'normal' setting .  I trim the label to the line around it.

3.  Use clear PACKING TAPE to 'laminate' the labels.  Cut off a piece, and place sticky side up on the work surface.  Then, place the cut label face down on top of the tape.  On the edges that are going on the cap and adjuster wheel of your chapstick, cut ALL the way to the paper.  The other two edges, leave about 1/4 inch beyond the paper label on both ends.  Then, start wrapping the chapstick with the tape, wrap ALL around it and overlap the label with the extra tape.  This gives it a shiny, durable label.

If you would rather BUY these than make them, visit my ETSY shop
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Anonymous said...

I can't open the PDF. It just takes me to a weird Adobe pack page. Help!

Julie Perez