Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Young Women Room Walls

LDS Young Women are unique.  They are talented and beautiful.  They know they are Daughters of God.  They stand up and say it every Sunday.  They LOVE beauty.  In themselves.  In others.  In the world around them.

Sometimes our walls in the churches we attend seem a little 'less than' what our beautiful Young Women want {and deserve}.  Beige walls.  Mauve floor.  It just seems a little 'blah'.  

I decided putting the theme above our white board would be welcome addition each year . . .

Some fellow Stake members asked me to help spruce up their room . . . you KNOW I loved that assignment :)

One wall is dedicated to the Young Women theme--it is big and easy to read.  Above the chalkboard and door of the main room is the 2012 Mutual theme, the torch and "I will stand for truth and righteousness" is in one room with 'value tulips' all around the room, tying it all together.  

If you would like to purchase something similar, e-mail me at lorene(at)yourvinylgraphics(dot)com

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