Lavender Oil Prevents Cold Sores!

I LOVE Lavender oil!  I know--sometimes the smell can be overwhelming--but the HEALTH benefits are WORTH IT!!!

There are SO many things to do with it, but today I'm just going to tell you about one.

Use Lavender Essential Oil to prevent cold sores!

When you feel a cold sore coming on, just put your finger on the end of a jar of FOOD GRADE oil and tip it upside down.  Put your finger on your lip where it feels tender and then cover it with an ice cube for 10 minutes.

It prevents the cold sore from forming--or if you're too late, just follow the same process for a SHORTER cold sore {which is ALMOST just as good as not getting one at all!}

You need FOOD GRADE oil because you WILL eat some of it -- I've done it a dozen times and EVERY time I think "don't lick your lips" and I don't--but then I forget and wonder why my mouth tastes so FLORAL-Y (is that a word?) and I remember--too late :)
The oil in the photo is doTERRA--which is great stuff.  If you want to order some, just e-mail me.   You can also get your oil at a health food store or online--just search for it & you'll have more than you can imagine to choose from.  Keep it on hand--cause I'll be giving you more tips to use it for!

Promise it works.  Give it a try.

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