Wedding Shower Cupcakes

My husband is one of those people that EVERYONE knows.  Because he is so personable, we are invited to a lot of weddings and showers -- I am always looking for a fun, creative idea to give as wedding and shower gifts.

What a fun idea--right?  I saw something similar for babies {that I'll post at a later day} but really needed something cute for two {2} different wedding showers we had one weekend.

I thought 'what could I wrap up instead of diapers, socks and onsies?' and I decided no body can have too many dish cloths, dish towels or place mats (well, maybe someone can, but I sure can't!)

This is SUPER easy {shhh, don't tell--they'll think you went to a LOT of trouble!}   For the plate pictured, I used

4 dish cloths
4 dish towels
2 place mats
glass serving tray
faux cherries
coordinating ribbon
coffee filters that look like cupcake papers
scrapbook paper for the bottom
sticky dot's

First I etched the glass tray.  Click here for a tutorial.

Then, I folded a wash cloth FIRST in half, then in THIRDS:

Then, I started rolling.  After I rolled the inside dish cloth, I folded a dish towel about the same height and wrapped it around the first dish cloth:

Then, I wrapped it with an elastic and shoved my finger into the middle to give it dimension:

Tie a ribbon around the elastic, put it inside coffee filter and set in glass tray.  I then took some fake cherries (or you could use another fruit) and "sticky dot" -ed them to the 'cupcakes' on the tray.    I alternated colors and used matching place mats for one layer on two different cupcakes.

We also made individual cupcakes and put them in a plastic clam shell to give as shower favors to the winners of our games:

Easy, fun, simple, cheap, and everyone thinks you're fabulous!  My kind of craft!!

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Anonymous said…
Very cute! I did something similar once for a wedding shower, I made a towel wedding cake with white towels and red (her wedding color) ribbons and bows. Two bath towels made the bottom layer, two hand towels for the middle, and two washcloths for the top layer. I rolled them, pinned them in place, then wrapped the ribbon around the centers and placed bows on the top and on the front of each layer. I put it on a cake dish and placed it on a table next to the gift table (which didn't have any room for it), several people came up and asked for a slice of cake thinking it was a real confection! It looked great and I am NOT crafty at ALL!
Great idea! I just got a shower invite today. This will be perfect, cute and fun.

Thanks! Misti

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