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Valentine Chapstick Labels

Every year it happens.  Kids come home with a list of the names of their classmates and need Valentine's for each of them.  Sure, you can buy the Valentine and add a piece of candy (or 3) but I always like alternatives.  Especially since kids are getting dozens of these and who, really needs all that sugar?

I was thinking of this predicament that so many mothers have and realized I could make another Chapstick Label!  Of course, I had to make more than one design . . . it is my nature to try to please everyone.

I made a  L O V E label in two different color options (my girls had a split vote when I asked them which they liked better, so what could I do?)

This Diamond Plate design is perfect for guys of all ages.  It is masculine and not embarrassing for a guy to pull out of their pocket!

I love Conversation Hearts and have to buy several bags every year {I KNOW I don't need all that sugar!} so I thought this was a perfect background for a chapstick.

Every time I offer down…

Two Additional Mutual Chapsticks!

Look how cute these new Mutual Chapstick colors are!

One of my readers asked if I couldn't make two additional colors for my Mutual Chapstick designs.  I am so glad she suggested it, I didn't even think to make one for every Young Women Value!

To print the design for free, click on the link below:

Click here for the GOLD label

Click here for the ORANGE label

To see the original colors, click here.

To order these at my ETSY shop, click here

Remember . . .

2012 Mutual Theme Chapsick Labels

I am so sorry that it is already 2012 ad I am just barely getting my 2012 Mutual Theme chapstick labels finished!  The design has been done for a while, but I have a hard time getting on the computer when my whole family is home from school. {Sheepish grin}

I love the new theme and I have designed this label trying to incorporate the feeling that the scripture inspires in me.  Shining as an example of Jesus Christ and being a light to the world are sometimes hard to do. May this help you remember to do the little things each day as you 'arise and shine forth'.

Individual Links are here

Click here for the Blue file

Click here for the Green file

Click here for the Pink file

Click here for the Purple file

Click here for the Yellow file

Click here for the Red file

Click here for the Black file
Click here for a tutorial on HOW I COVERED MY CHAPSTICK.