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My Bread Recipe

I have made bread my whole life.  I remember helping my mom while standing on a stool, so I know I was fairly young . . . 4 or 5 maybe.  I haven't always made it consistently--sometimes it will be a few months between batches and while I was attending college I probably only made it 1 or 2 times a year.

I am often surprised at the reaction I get from people when they learn I make bread.  "Wow, you're talented" "I could never take the time to do that" "it is way too hard for me" and one last week when a guy came in with my husband {and the bread was cooling on our table}  "Wow, homemade bread, you're a lucky man.".  Little did he notice the pile of laundry waiting {patiently} to be folded or the floor that needed to be swept . . .

The past 2 years or so, I have been fairly consistent with making all the bread my family eats.  Not only bread, but also rolls, buns, cinnamon rolls, pizza crust, breadsticks, etc. etc. etc.  all out of t…

Young Women Room Walls

LDS Young Women are unique.  They are talented and beautiful.  They know they are Daughters of God.  They stand up and say it every Sunday.  They LOVE beauty.  In themselves.  In others.  In the world around them.

Sometimes our walls in the churches we attend seem a little 'less than' what our beautiful Young Women want {and deserve}.  Beige walls.  Mauve floor.  It just seems a little 'blah'.  
I decided putting the theme above our white board would be welcome addition each year . . .
Some fellow Stake members asked me to help spruce up their room . . . you KNOW I loved that assignment :)

One wall is dedicated to the Young Women theme--it is big and easy to read.  Above the chalkboard and door of the main room is the 2012 Mutual theme, the torch and "I will stand for truth and righteousness" is in one room with 'value tulips' all around the room, tying it all together.  
If you would like to purchase something similar, e-mail me at lorene(at)yourvinylgrap…

Forget-Me-Not Chapsticks

I am not the only person out there who LOVED President Uchtdorf's talk in the General Relief Society Meeting in September, 2011 --  go here to read his FANTASTIC talk.  He taught reminded the women of 5 important things they should "forget not".

I have thought and thought about this and I KNOW that one of Satan's biggest tools {especially to the WOMEN of the world} is to discourage them and make them think they're not "enough" somehow.  His talk hit home with me that I need to:

1.  Forget Not to be patient with yourself
2.  Forget Not the difference between a good sacrifice and a foolish sacrifice
3.  Forget Not to be happy now
4.  Forget Not the "Why" of the Gospel
5.  Forget Not that the Lord loves you

So . . . I thought we women needed a great reminder daily & if it can be on something USEFUL, all the better.  I created this design for a chapstick label for you to put on your own chapsticks. Click here to download the file.

Every time I offer f…